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Computer tattoo power is a kind of installed in the mainframe box closed independent parts, it is the role of alternating current through a switch tattoo power transformers for 5v,-5v,+12v,-12v,+3.3v and other stable DC power to supply the mainframe box system version, floppy disk, Hard drive and various adapter expansion cards and other system components used. In layman's terms, a tattoo power supply is broken, and another backup tattoo power supply instead of its power supply. You can enhance the availability of your hardware by providing battery backup for nodes and disks. HP-supported uninterrupted tattoo power (UPS), such as HP Powertrust, is wary of instantaneous power off. The disk is connected to the power supply circuit so that the mirrored copy is connected to a different tattoo power source. The root disk and its corresponding node should be powered by the same tattoo power supply circuit. In particular, the cluster lock disk (used as the arbiter when reorganizing the cluster) should have a redundant tattoo power supply, or it could be powered by a tattoo power source outside the cluster nodes. Your HP representative can provide detailed information about your cluster's tattoo power, disk, and LAN hardware layouts. Many disk arrays and other mounting systems currently contain multiple tattoo power input, they should be deployed as different tattoo power inputs on the device connected to separate circuit devices with two or three tattoo power inputs, so that the system can continue to function normally as long as there are no more than one circuit in the fault. Therefore, if all hardware in the cluster has 2 or 3 tattoo power inputs, at least three separate circuits are required to ensure that there is no single point of failure in the cluster's circuit design
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