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<h1>Tattoo pen kit: Everything you need for perfect makeup</h1>

Can you imagine a hand-held tool that serves as a lip pencil, eyeliner, and microblading pen? Many would find it pure fiction or a thing of make-believe, but this tool has already been brought to the market. Still not convinced? Feel free to have a closer look at tattoo pen kits Rotarytattoos store offers.
The main product of each set available in our catalog is a game-changing tattoo pen that combines all must-haves for natural, yet stunning makeup looks. Based on the micropigmentation technology, this tool provides you with the amazing substitute for most of the beauty products found in your cosmetic bag. Depending on the occasion, you can use it for glamorous smokey, chic holiday, neutral

<h2>Components of a tattoo pen set</h2>

Long gone are the days when a bazillion liners and brushes were needed to achieve the coveted beauty look. Now you can choose a permanent tattoo pen set at Rotarytattoos Store and get supplied with:
  • CNC-machined pen that can be used for lining, defining, tattooing, and everything in between;
  • digital power supply unit that will stand the test of time;
  • needle cartridges;
  • adaptors;
  • myriad of tattoo ink bottles.
With all those essentials, a tattoo pen set is something that will put the majority of your makeup products on the shelf. And it’s not only about how easy it is to use this tool and the quality of looks it offers. It’s also the price that makes a tattoo pen one of the most sought-after beauty solutions currently available. While microblading pens and tattooing machines can cost you something like a few hundreds of dollars, our all-in-one kits are way more affordable. So, forget about spending obscene amounts of money on the tools which can be replaced with the more functional, budget-friendly one.

<h3>It’s time to make the choice</h3>

It’s up to you to continue using a range of different tattooing machines or pick the one that will meet all your makeup needs in one go. As you can see, the choice is obvious.
Select a permanent tattoo pen set at Rotarytattoos Store and start creating astonishing makeups as easy as pie. Please note that our kits differ in components, machine colors, and some performance features.
Pay for your order with PayPal, bank transfer, or Western Union and get it delivered in a flash. Typically, shipping takes a few business days!
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