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Basic information of tattoo needle type:
1, RL series: The PIN, secant round needle, used for cutting lines, 3RL used for secant.
2, RS Series: Do not shut the needle.
3, Spray round needle: Used for fog, only to play a small pattern of solid fog.
4, F Series: Single row of needles.
5, Fog row needle: Used to play shadow fog.
6, M1 series: Single row of cross needles, fog row needle; used to play dark fog.
7, M2 series: Double row tightening needles, fog row needle: Used to play solid fog.
Second, the difference between tattoo needles:
Tattoo Needle (tattoo needle) There is a difference, good really mainly in the work of the difference in the material is the same, outside some contrast solder interface can be clearly distinguished from the tattoo for the production process. The work of the needle arranged neatly in order to make the tattoo even more delicate color. The other thing to do can be seen very obvious pigment particle scratches.

Needle thickness---How to recognize the number on a tattoo needle
For example: The tattoo needle package will have a set of red text such as 1211M1 (0.35mm)-Fork Row 11 (0.35 diameter)
"12" corresponds to "0.35mm", "11" is the number of needles, "M1" corresponding to the "fork Row"
Steel Wire 1811m1--0.50mm (this kind of needle wire is less with general 1RL will use this wire)

"0811m1" (0.25mm) If you choose this type of needle then we have to know is to use the "9F pin" because of the relationship between the diameter of the needle to cause the nozzle width to shrink "1 models" in the introduction AH the use of this needle first because the diameter is "0.25mm" relatively "thin" some then it is suitable to do " Portrait and Totem.
"1011m1" (0.30mm) Many manufacturers of this type of needle many years experience will do in the "round needle" model to increase the secant "fluency" and "toughness" to make the line more "full" and "solid" "1011m1" fog stitch I personally think that in favor of tradition and sketch do black and white ash is a good choice "pure water color color material "Can also
"1211m1" (0.35mm) This is the current use of the highest one suitable for "traditional black and white gray" "Traditional color" "European and American color" its advantage lies in the diameter of the needle is relatively coarse "traditional black and white gray" fog over paint fast skin damage relatively small. "Color" the current international tattoo color pigment "particles" than "black material" to large and viscous, so that 0.35mm diameter tattoo needle more handy!
"1811m1" (0.50mm) only in the "Round 1" needle appeared in the "Needle silk perfect" do not introduce too much!

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