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Coil tattoo machine:
You can see all the parts of a coil tattoo machine in more detail in the graphic on the left below. Tattoo machine through the intermediate voltage regulator, transformers, the external access to 220V AC power into the voltage between the 3-20v of the DC power, under the 3-20v DC voltage, two main coil and the electric spray point between the instantaneous suction, spray, with the help of the tattoo machine spring-piece reciprocating movement, led tattoo needles to produce high-speed up and down, reciprocating movement. This kind of working way has the biggest is, because does not have the motor, the motor to drive, does not have to take into account the motor, the motor power attrition, therefore can produce the high speed, the big torsion. Tattoo needle at work at a high speed and uniform puncture of the epidermis, tattoo pigments implanted in the basal layer of the epidermis, so that the pigment is permanently fixed in the epidermis, forming a variety of color combinations of fine patterns and text, to modify the skin, covering the role of epidermal scar.
Tattoo Machine by tattoo frame (there are stamping, casting, wire cutting, manual welding of the difference), magnetic field coil, capacitance, vibration suspension, shrapnel, adjusting the top screw screws, such as the main components, indispensable.

Coil tattoo machine have 12coils machine 10coisl and 8coils machine,Our company have Micky Sharpz brand ,Danny Flower brand,Damascus brand,Custom brass brand.Once you decide whether to go old school with a coil tattoo machine for a more traditional sound and feel or new school with a quiet rotary tattoo machine that's gentler on the skin, you have to decide what brand and model tattoo machine to get. To simplify the selection process, we've highlighted some of the top tattoo machine brands and models below, giving you a quick snapshot of what makes each one great so you can pick the one that speaks loudest to you.One piece in one box.One piece about 0.35kg.Some coil machine is only for liner,some coil machine is only for shader,some coil machine can suit for sharder and liner.If you want to make a tattoo,You need purchase power supply,clip cord,inks,tattoo needles and coil tattoo machine.

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