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<h1>Buy rotary tattoo kits of the highest quality</h1>

Many people in the tattoo industry believe that there are no better alternatives to rotary tattoo equipment. It has many facts that make it one of the most appreciated on the market.
Not all kits are created equal. Some cost more and provide a pro quality, some are suitable for beginners, who would not know how to get the most out of professional equipment. At Rotary Tattoos you can browse and find a rotary machine kit that would fit your needs.

<h2>What are the facts of rotary tattoo gun kits</h2>

  • It’s lightweight
Compared to its biggest competitor on the market, coil tattoo guns, rotary machines are significantly lighter. They work on a rotary engine, and copper coils do not add weight to the back of the gun.
What this means for the tattoo artist is that you can easily work with large tattoos and do them in one sitting. If not, you will still be able to work for more time than with a coil gun.
With rotary tattoo kits, you can forget about finger cramps that many inexperienced artists get. This results in fewer mistakes during a session and makes the quality of your work higher.
  • It does not produce any noise
Coil guns buzz. They buzz a lot, and this is nowhere near comfortable for many customers. Especially so, for those who are making their first tattoo, and feel a bit frightened by the procedure.
Rotary guns are more or less silent. What this means is there is less stress for you and your client during the whole session. You can talk with them, reassure and uplift their spirit without the need to speak over the buzz.
  • It is multi-task
There is a good variety of needles you can find in a rotary machine kit. This allows you to use the gun as both a liner and a shader, unlike its rival, coil gun. It can be used as only one thing.
Rotary guns are a more versatile instrument. You can unleash your power with just one kit.

<h2>Chose pro rotary tattoo kits that will serve you for years</h2>

At Rotary Tattoos we care about the quality of the product. We do not sell anything that we would not use ourselves. Pick the kit that will suit you best, and you will be using it for years.
Browse the product section for more information. Worldwide shipping is available.

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