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Tattoo color According to different angles, there are different classifications, but all the classification is relative, different categories of color in the function and application will be based on the tattoo division of personal habits and hobbies of mixing, color and tattoo other devices, like the device for my use.
Functional Points by Color:
Tattoo Art Color--for art, personality and other factors or cover scar birthmark and other purposes, on the skin to carry out a certain area of pattern engraved artistic behavior.
Cosmetic repair Color--in order to pursue the aesthetic visual effects of the human body, the eyebrows, eyeliner, lips, areola and other parts of the local hook line coloring beauty behavior.
According to the application characteristics of the color:

Fog coloring-Used for coloring the pattern color, the color of various colors can be.
According to the production of color:
Import color material--because modern tattoo techniques and ideas from foreign countries, and foreign tattoo art acceptance is generally higher than domestic, more mature market than domestic, some well-known brands of color is relatively more safe to trust.
Domestic color material-----as the domestic in 2012 has relevant national standards and industry standards, so the domestic color of the degree of trust is far lower than abroad, but because the price is cheap (Germany imports carbon black price is domestic carbon black price 20 times times), so in the low-end market still have consumers.
Tattoo inks from the combination of pigments and carriers, used for tattoos.Our tattoo ink include Intenze Ink, Eternal Ink, Kuro Sumi Ink, Fusion Ink, Bio-touch Ink,Dynamic Ink,Tornado Ink,Solony Tattoo Ink,Blookline Ink,Panda Ink.Bio-touch and Tornado ink is suit for eyebrow ,another brand is suit for body tattoo.Our tattoo ink have full colors for body art and eyebrow.Also for ink ,has different quality with inks,we have three quality with ink.The best quality ink is easy to color ,not easy to allergy,do not fade in long time when you make tattoo or eyebrow.
Tattoo inks have a range of colors that can be thinned or mixed together to produce other colors and shades. Most professional tattoo artists buy pre-printed inks (called pre-disperse inks), while some tattoos use dry pigments and carriers to mix themselves. 
Tattoo inks are usually permanent. Removing tattoos is difficult, painful, and the degree of success depends on the material used. Recently developed inks claim to be more easily removed. There is no evidence that some inks will fade over time, creating a "semi-permanent tattoo".

Our tattoo ink have MSDS FDA TUA TSCA SDS certification for ink.
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